Lay Associate Groups: SVD Initiatives - EUROPA


Ten years for Mission In 2013 two of our mission prayer groups celebrated tenth anniversary of their establishment.

Both mission prayer groups reflected upon their journey and commemorate the anniversary in their respected parishes. Busics Teréz is one of the mission prayer group leaders and she shared that ten years back she was looking for a community to belong to when Fr. Gregory Burbela offered her the possibility to start a mission prayer group. It was difficult at the beginning, yet after ten years she joyfully acknowledged that it has been a fruitful ten years and she thanks God for his continuous blessing upon this mission prayer group.

Varga Tamásné Erszébet, the leader of the other Mission prayer group shared that during the ten years’ time their group has continuously supported the SVD mission not only by praying for them regularly but also by collecting donations to support the summer camps and other projects. They have also initiated different programs for their groups like pilgrimage to different holy places in Hungary.
Magung, Fransiskus Xaverius

VAROM group Members of VAROM as a lay associate are celebrating the story of love for almost 20 years now. More than 80 TIR containers were sent to mission support in Romania. These group have realized a lot of mission projects in Romania such as “ALT DRUM…prevention of abuse of alcohol; “LOGOS”, help for children who had problem with language; “AIUTIAMOLI EDUCANDOLI” for children without family; “RAGAZZE MADRI” in support of young mothers…and many others projects. Members are motivated to see the fruits….This group is officially recognized by ITA province.
Bumanglag, Elmer (Paulino)