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Poland: Children Mission Day

In Nysa, the confreres with the help of Mission Animation Centre in Pieniezno organized Children Mission Day 10 years ago.

This gathering turned out to be successful; hence they decided to continue every year. We will be celebrating 10th Anniversary of this event this year. The Children Mission Day in Nysa starts at 09.00 hrs. After registration children are divided into five continental groups. In these groups they have meetings with missionaries to learn about people living on particular continent, about their customs, challenges they face and the joy they experience. Children learn songs in various languages, play games and try to wear clothes from mission countries. Usually the organizers prepare the tombola and conduct some competitions with prizes. There is room for prayers and Holy Mass as well. Participants of Children Mission Day are from Nysa and surrounding area. Children come with their school teachers, priests from their parishes and some sisters too join the camp. Number of participants can go up to 1000. Pictures from each Day are displayed in this web page:

Danilewicz, Andrzej