LSSAJ organizes a seminar on training facilitators for spiritual transformation of drug dependents in the Philippines


The Lay Society of St. Arnold Janssen (LSSAJ) in the Philippines organized a two-day seminar on Training Facilitators for Spiritual Transformation of Drug Dependents, held in Catholic Trade Manila on the second week of June 2017. This was jointly organized and conducted by the JPIC Coordinator Fr. Flavie Villanueva SVD, LSSAJ, and the Archdiocese of Manila. Seventy participants attended, of which, twenty came from LSSAJ group. After the seminar, the participants were sent on mission to parishes in Metro Manila where there are some drug dependents.

The seminar employed the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which is a proven tool to help in the recovery of drug dependents. We also shared the biblical foundation of these twelve steps that are linked to their Catholic beliefs. Special focus was given to Healing and Restoration of Dignity of a human being and the Image of God. It was also necessary to render to the participants a contextualized and the importance of the practice of Prayer and the Sacraments.