The DOCAT: The Social Doctrine made Real


It is worth noting that in the last trip to Central America, from the EVD we have placed a special focus on presenting the DOCAT. An evangelizing project which is aimed at making our young people to become aware of the social doctrines of the church and, above all to call them to live according to the basic principles of the Love, Justice and Truth as underlined in the doctrines.

Pope Francis in his prologue to the DOCAT also revealed that a million young people are indisputably involved in the building of a more just world. In a sharing conversation with the IMDOSOC Leadership team, we were told about how this organisation is collaborating socially with the Patrons of a group of Women Volunteers from Veracruz State (Mexico) to feed a number of migrants travelling across Mexico to the United States.

This group of Women volunteers most of whom are housewives in their neighbourhood are sending a loud message of solidarity to the rest of the world. Their sense of dedication to gather and collect food items from few philanthropists around and in turn redistribute to the passing migrants is so encouraging. It is however sad, to see how on daily bases trains are loaded hungry and thirsty migrants from the Central America and Caribbean in pursuit of a better living conditions.

It is encouraging that, after haven won the 2015 Princess of Asturias award in the Category of Concord, the group had since drawn the attention of some universities and organizations who are showing some interest in their activities as well as in the human and social teachings of the church. May all of us support that one dream and hope for building an authentic human community. These Patronesses I believe know that there is more to be done in putting smiles into the faces of the less privileged who are pushed to flee their homes in search of dignified life and its awaiting opportunities. Thanks to the Patronesses for leaving the marks of generosity and solidarity.

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By Eliás

Editorial Verbo Divino/españa

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