Concluding the year of the Word of God in Nitra


As in many other countries, liturgical assemblies at the end of September 2020 in Slovakia were signed by the limitations of prevention against the spread of covid-19. However, it did not prevent us from celebrating the conclusion of the Year of the Word of God.

On the feast day of Saint Jerome, in the parish of Nitra Kalvaria, Fr. Marek Vanus, along with Fr. Igor Kral, parish priest, Fr. Jan Kusnir, rector of the Mission house, and Fr. Pavol Balaz, mission secretary, made the solemn entrance with the book of Gospels at the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration. In the homily, the figure of Saint Jerome has been presented as leader to the authentic and determined approach to the Scriptures. After the holy mass, a group of voluntary readers of the lectures during the liturgy remained in the church and participated in an orientation presentation about their task at ambone. Though the special year dedicated to the Word of God has finished, their service has to continue and deepen ever more.

By: Marek Vanus, SVD.