Mission animation


On March 1-3, 2013 a weekend retreat was held at Divine Word Seminary in Pieniezno. Various benefactors, Friends of the SVD and employees and supporters of the Mission Department participated in the event. The three day retreat offered liturgical celebrations for the 48 participants from different parts of Poland, including Eucharistic celebrations officiated by various SVDs, Vespers with the SVD community, and the Way of the Cross, among others.

The participants were also transported into various mission situations through mission films and a visit to the ethnographic museum. Here they had a chance to touch different objects from the missions like ceremonial costumes, kitchen utensils, etc. There was also the opportunity to meet with several Divine Word Missionaries and the seminarians of Pieniezno. An important encounter of the participants was with the representatives of the foundation, Children of Africa. This foundation has reached out to a number of Polish missionaries in their different missions in Africa.

Fr. Wieslaw Dudar SVD, the Mission Secretary, organized the retreat in cooperation with the Mission Department and the Holy Spirit Sisters. The organizers made sure that every detail of the event provided the participants with a sense of mission. Multi-media shows on Christians in China, indigenous Guarani of Paraguay and interesting African art enhanced the spirit of mission among the participants.