The Golden Jubilee of Radio Veritas Asia was celebrated at Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra, Indore MP


It was the dream of the Church in Asia to have a radio of their own to proclaim the Goodnews of Jesus to all Asian counties, which was realized when 100 bishops from Asia and Australia gathered at Manila in 1958. Their proposal to start a radio was approved by Pope John XXIII. But to start, the project had to face many hurdles including huge finances. By God’s grace many church organizations came forward to help and thus on 11th april, 1969 through short wave technic, the first broadcasting of Radio Veritas Asia took place in Manila, the capital of Philippines.

Initially, the radio programs were produced in 15 different languages of different countries of Asia and were sent to Manila for broadcasting. Later in the year 1988 when Fr. Joseph Kayani SVD was naking his research (PhD) in Radio, he proposed that a Hindi service of Radio Veritas could be initiated and SVD INC province can take care of preparing the program from Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra, Indore. And thus with the support of then Bishop of Indore, late Dr. George Anathil SVD, Fr. Clarence SVD, the Director of Satprakashan and Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD the first program coordinator, began the Hindi Service on 3rd July, 1988. Since then RVA Hindi service which is also as Satyaswar, have been regularly broadcasting Hindi programs.

With the change of time and technology, the nature of Radio is also changed. In this digital age, RVA also has switched its broadcasting from short wave to online transmission. At present RVA is fully fuctioning online with its website, RVA Mobile App, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, whatsapp and other social media. Presently Fr. John Paul SVD, the Director of Satprakashan, Fr. Anthony Swamy SVD, the RVA coordinator and 5 young Manila-trained producers are actively involved in Radio Veritas Asia – Hindi Service.

On 14th and 15th March, 2020, RVA Hindi service celebrated the Golden Jubilee of RVA Manila at Satprakashan Sanchar Kndra and at Holy Spirit Church Plada at Indore MP.
On 14th March 2020, the lamp was lit by Fr. George Plathottam SDB, the FABC executive secretary, together with other coordinators and producers. A welcome dance was performed by the students of Holy Cross teachers’ training. Fr. John Paul SVD welcomed all the guests and Fr. Anthony SVD presented a short documentary on RVA. In his address, Father George said- “The main objective of Radio Veritas Asia is to advance life on human values and spirituality by inspiring more people to move in the path of truth by giving life, and programs that make life happy. Starting with old technology, today Radio Veritas Asia is promoting Indian culture, environmental awareness and spirituality through new technology.”

The producers and audience were then greeted by Shawl and Mementos. In his address, Father Jomon, the newly elected INC Provincial said – “Radio Veritas Asia has given inspiration to bring the voice of truth into human life while giving programs on various aspects of people's lives in the last 50 years. The truth was revealed to the general public and it mmotivated the general them to follow the path of love and brotherhood.”After this, the students of Vandana Hostel performed a beautiful dance. The vote of thanks was given by Father Anthony, coordinator of Radio Veritas Asia. The entire program was conducted by one of the procucers, Mrs. Antara Karvade.

The second day began at Holy spirit Church at Palda with a procession from the Grotto to the church. Believers were marching ahead of the procession. Behind them, the members of Mata Mariam Organization led the procession with a colourful tribal dance. The Holy Eucharist was presided by the Archbishop of Bhopal, Dr. Leo Cornelius SVD, and concelebrated by Bishop Chako SVD of Indore, Bishop Durairaj SVD of Khandwa, Bishop Basil Bhuria SVD of Jhabua, Bishop DevprasadGanava SVD of Udaipur, Bishop Salvador Lobo, the chairman of CBCI-OSC, Fr. George Plathottam SDB, from Manila and fourteen priests. The of students of catholic Ashram Palda led the choir with their melodious voices. There were nearly 800 people who participated in mass, which was followed by a short felicitation program and a fellowship meal for all.

By: Fr. John Paul SVD
Director, Satprashan Sanchar Kendra, Indore

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