SVD Lay Association in Zimbabwe


In our attempt to revive the SVD Lay Associates in Zimbabwe, we had a day of recollection and a meeting on January 25, 2014.The recollection was attended by 22 Catholics. It was organized by Fr. Francis Bhoka and Fr. Edson Mlambo.

The recollection master was Fr. Gabriel Sosu, who gave a talk about the Holy Spirit in the Church. Our Mission Superior, Fr. Tadeusz Grenda, graced the occasion by explaining to the people what SVD Lay Associates were all about. The recollection started at 9:00 am and finished with a Mass at 3:00pm. What we are looking forward to in the near future is to have a committee for the group, formation of the group in SVD spirituality, and finally to have a constitution and a logo for them.

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