Fr. Navil D' Silva speaks about the earthquake tragedy in Ecuador

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7.8-degree earthquake leaves deaths and damages in Ecuador:

The 7.8-degree earthquake was recorded on April 14, Saturday at 18.58 local time. Its epicenter was in the Ecuadorian coast near the small village of Cojimíes, in the province of Manabi. The earthquake was felt throughout the country. Up until now officially 250 deaths have been recorded and more than 1300 wounded, many of them also lost their homes. There is a lot of damage to private and public property. They have mobilized all state relief agencies to address this severe natural calamity that has affected Ecuador.
Most impressive is the popular will and spontaneous gestures of generosity, brotherhood, solidarity and unity of the Ecuadorian people as they face this natural disaster. The most affected provinces are Manabi, Esmeraldas, Guayas, Los Rios and Santo Domingo.

We work in those three affected provinces: Esmeraldas, Guayas, Los Rios and Santo Domingo. Among these three provinces the hardest hit is the province of Esmeraldas. We have four confreres working in Esmeraldas and Muisne. I am in constant contact with them since the earthquake. In Muisne, the situation is more dangerous since most of the population are living in shelters and there is a reigning fear of high waves and aftershocks. A chapel of our parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe, has become a refuge for nearly 300 people, and all kinds of attention are being provided. Our confreres Julio Anang and Jose Harut are accompanying our lay people in this moment of pain and anguish. All our confreres in Esmeraldas, as well as in Muisne are fine. In the other affected provinces our confreres are also okay.

Our parish in Muisne is lightly affected by this tragedy. There are cracks in the walls, and some images and statues of the church are broken and destroyed. The impact is minimal on the parish property in Esmeraldas. I am in permanent contact with the confreres. Today the Bishop of Esmeraldas, Monsignor Eugenio Arellano visited and celebrated Mass with the community. In the coming days, I will visit and accompany our confreres and their communities which at this time are in deep need. The Ecuadorian Church has also mobilized, together with government agencies, to support and help all the victims of this tragedy. On behalf of all the Ecuadorian Province, I ask the confreres to pray for our people, and for us very much affected by this natural tragedy. Thank you very much and may the Triune God bless Ecuador.

Fr. Navil D’Silva
Provincial Superior

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