Sister Veronika gave her life for the people in South Sudan


Sr. Veronika from Slovakia was a Missionary Sister of the Holy Spirit (SSpS). She has been working in South Sudan over the past six years. She was a medical doctor. She has been in charge of St. Bakhita Health Center in South Sudan, where she saved many women and babies lives.

On May 15, the feast of Pentecost and also feast of their Congregation, after a busy day, although tied, sister Veronika was called in the evening to attend to a complicated case of delivery. Since St. Bakhita Health Center cannot manage complicated cases of delivery for pregnant mothers, Sister Veronika drove the lady to one of the hospital nearby in Yei. Around midnight, she drove another woman to the hospital in Yei who had a complicated twin delivery. On her way driving back from the hospital in the ambulance at around 1.00-2.00 am gunmen shot her. The bullets damaged the internal part of her stomach.

Sr. Veronica was found by anonymous people who immediately called the Vicar General of the Diocese. She was immediately taken to the hospital. After 7 hours of surgery, the doctors decided to transfer her to Nairobi (Kenya). For four days, Sr. Vero has been in critical condition according the news we got from Fr. Eusebio, SVD. This morning, in spite of all the efforts made by the medical team Sr. Veronika passed away. “Faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!” (Matthew 25, 23). Let us pray for the eternal repose of Sister Veronika and for peace in South Sudan.

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