The Shrine of Our Lady of Itapuá, an SVD legacy


The Shrine of Our Lady of Itapua is a center of pilgrimage and prayer for Catholics , but also an attractive tourist site because of the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the Paraná River, 12 km from the center of Encarnación in the Department Itapua.

As the story goes, the Virgin appeared to her people as they crossed the river and guided them to avoid hitting the rocks of the riverbed, a danger to the safety of their lives and boats. Years after the beginning of the twentieth century, through the efforts of the Divine Word Missionaries, an image of the Blessed Virgin from Europe was placed in a grotto. Because of this the custom of pilgrimage to the place gained momentum. The date of the arrival of the Virgin of Itapua is celebrated on December 8 and thousands of pilgrims come for the celebration.