A Regional Superior’s Journey to Los Chiles


Los Chiles is really a very beautiful place with a large population. From the parish, several community services are offered. In my opinion a Parish Mission is needed. The people are thirsty for something more. I invite our young missionaries of the Region to come to this fertile soil for evangelization.

Fathers Cornelio Doogan and Felix Ismael Quispe attends to the different needs of the parish. Fr. Cornelio has done a great job there. In honor of the work that has been done we need to continue to support the parish and help the people face their challenges. The Parish of San Marcos has been under the SVDs since 1997.It is a parish situated in a rural indigenous population in the Department of Río San Juan (Diocese of Chontales), located in the humid tropics, difficult access, very physically demanding, near the border of Costa Rica. The SVD presence is well defined along the option for the poor. The parish has 25,000 parishioners. Los Chiles has two shopping centers and 43 rural communities, some are remote requiring an 8 hour journey on horseback from the parish center.