Seminar on Consecrated Life


On the 7th of February SVD confreres working in the Accra archdiocese participated in a seminar organized by the vicar for religious in the diocese Fr. Andy Campebll SVD. It was an activity that form part of the year consecrated life.

The theme for the day was: "The challenges go concreted life"

The moderator for the function was Fr. George Angmor SVD, provincial superior of GHA and the speaker was the apostolic nuncio to Ghana His Excellency, Most Rev. Jean Marie Speich.

His talk was developed on three main points.

1. The first challenge for our consecrated life he noted is our contact with God who has called us by name. After many years of consecrated life we say that God is still our first love, do we make time and space for him he asked.

2. The second challenge he termed it as ‘you and your congregation or order’. He said every consecrated person is called into a congregation and asked all to read the life of their founders and read their constitutions in this year of consecrated life. Re-reading the constitutions will help one to know if he or she is living according to the norms of the congregation or he or is living and doing things his own way.

3. The third challenge he talked about was how am I been a consecrated person today, from where am coming from and where am I being sent to?

In his closing remarks he urged all to go out to evangelize, and that we should go out two by two as the disciples of Jesus. Increase your visibility not only with buildings and structures but with your joy and happiness. Let the world see the joy of the good news on your faces. Give space to the Holy Spirit to work in and through, he said as his finally word.


Stephen Dogodzi SVD