Lay Associate Groups: SVD Initiatives - ASPAC


Indonesia Ende:
Serve God through SVD Serve God through SVD (SGS) is a small group lay associate that is very much committed to the future of SVD worldwide mission. The members of the group are approximately 40-50 persons. Interestingly, none of the members of the group lives in Ende Province. Most of them live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Surprisingly, most of the members of group are not church goers of SVD parishes in Java’s big cities run by our SVD confreres. Just few of them are parishioners of SVD Parishes. It means they do not have a permanent contact with the SVDs. However, they know our Society and become supporters and sympathizers through word of mouth that they get from their friends a who tell them about SVDs missionary work. Some of them become SVD friends even by accident when they frequent and attend the mass in the SVD parishes. The main reason of the foundation of the group is their concern. These people are really concerned with the fact, that SVD seminarians need financial assistance, since the foreign benefactors are decreasing in their numbers. So, the foundation of the Group was initiated when some member of the group visited our major seminary at Ledalero, Maumere in 2011 on their trip to the pilgrimage of Semana Santa (Holy Week) tradition in Larantuka, East Flores. During their short stay in our Major Seminary at Ledalero, they met the Rector Fr. Leo Kleden and found out the commitment of SVDs scholastics who are preparing themselves for worldwide mission work. Since then, the group had been very committed to contribute to the formation house in Ledalero. The mission of the group is to focus on financial assistance to cover the living-cost and educational cost of our seminarians until their ordinations. Some of their “spiritual sons” have been ordained last year. As a Mission Secretary in coordinating with Fr. Mikhael De Fretes, I sent the Ordination News Letter, Invitation and First Assignment Appointments to the group. This lay group does not cover the entire cost of the seminarians. Their financial assistance, however, relives and eases the burden of the huge cost that our province has to bear. Their supporting action is very helpful and it is a blessing to our Society.
Tenga, Hubertus

Indonesia Jawa:
We have an interesting group of paguyuban soverdia (SVD lay-partner) in Bali-Lombok district. The members are composed not only the elderly people, but include their children. Many activities are done together. They have many programmes - besides the spiritual aspects such as holy hour, Blessed Sacrament adoration, recollection and masses, they have also social activities, such as: visiting sick, visit to some remote stations and bringing groceries and other necessary items for the Catholic brothers and sisters there, and they have a choir too and they are ready to go to some parishes.
Meko, Hendrikus