Give a cow, Save a family in Vietnam


The Mission Office of the Vietnam Province had initiated the project of investing a cow and a sheep for the poor families in the past two years and it has been a great success. This is how the project operates:

The mission secretary evaluates the poor families and choose those families who are poor but work hard and are eager to work to make their living. Then the Mission Office helps them to invest two cows, and establish a contract with them. They have to make sure that the cows are fed and cared for and they are also required to keep contact with the mission secretary updating him on the progress. Once the cows bear calfs, they can keep the first born calf and the second calf will be sold and the money goes to the scholarship fund for the poor students. At present, the mission office is collaborating with two SVD parishes to operate this project, namely Kim Chau and My Son Parish, so far the project is going well. Furthermore some of our benefactors learned of these projects and they are also contributing to this fund.