Food Distribution in Covid-19 Time in Hungary

Justice & Peace

All whole world is suffering now with the covid-19 pandemic. In Hungary since the 16th of march, the governement has decided to stop all activities: kindergardens, schools and universities. Similarly, the bishops conference also decided to take some measures according to the prohibitions taken by the autorities for example having the holy masses without the congregation. The priest can celebrate mass but in private etc.

With these measures most of the people follow the mass through the social media mostly on tv or internet. We can find here the importance of is social media in spreading the Gospel. This same feeling was also expressed during our last workshop of the communication course of JPIC Promoters.
The information for the covid-19 situation in the country as per 31st of March was presented as follows: 492 people have been infected by the virus and they are in hospitals, 37 people recorvered and 16 of them passed away.

Recently, on March 28th Pope Francis asked us to pray for those who are hungry in this covid19 pandemic time. Two weeks ago the governement announced lockdown and restricted the movement. In our parish here in Köröm we have more than 80% of gypsies. In this pandemic situation, many of them came back from Austria and Germany. They are in quarantaine. One of our parish houses is given to them for two weeks for this purpose. Many gypsies find it diffcult to cope up in this situation. We distrubute the food and masks to the poorest families with the help of our benefactors and friends from mostly from, and with the local help. In this way we are making the gospel alive among the families through gypsy ministry. We are close to them and praying to the Lord to assist them during this diffcult time.

Fr. Albert Ngamba, SVD.

JPIC Vice-coordinator