Spain Easter Youth Programme


The mission secretariat usually organizes Easter Youth framed in the context of the new evangelization. This is usually during the Easter Week, experiencing death and passion of Jesus in a youthful atmosphere and reflection.

Sometimes traditional parishes have objected to the Easter Youth programme as they fear that such meetings can take away the clientele of young people. However, it does not do any harm as most of the young people involved will not participate voluntarily in their own parishes. Besides, many of those involved already in the post-Christian culture and for them it is not only a new evangelization, but also a real and true first evangelization. These programmes have the advantage of facing themselves with the heart of Christianity, the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection touch their hearts. We have thus a chance to explain the true Christian Kerygma in its foundations so we continue to have EasterYouth. It is very successful, despite the open opposition of some traditional priests. ESP Mission Secretariat with the support of the whole Province maintains and conducts this programme regularly.

It must be said that this type of Easter Youth is not done as a tour package that is delivered to the participants, they are asked to participate with commitment, and this is one of the basic goals of these meetings, and we do this programme with good collaboration with our lay partners. In addition, through these experiences that are cherished during the meeting, a basic prophetic dialogue with those seeking faith becomes a reality.

Certainly young appeal to young people and this is especially relevant in a relatively aged province like ours. Young evangelize or re-evangelize their peers – that is another of our achievements.

Macario Villalon SVD, Mission Secretary