Mutual giving and receiving

Justicia & Paz

Christmas Season 2014

Dear Confreres,
Christmas brings back to mind a known phrase of Arnold Janssen, “Because God became a human being, all roads lead to God always via the human being.”

(Weil Gott Mensch geworden ist, fu?hren alle Wege zu Gott immer u?ber den Menschen.) The founder knew that there is no better way in serving God than serving people, particularly those that are poor and at the margins.
This is what many confreres do around the world. Visiting several of our missions in recent months, it is touching for me to see the commitment of our missionaries, sharing God’s care and love and making a difference in the lives of thousands of people entrusted to them in various ministries. Being a missionary in a world with its numerous challenges requires mutual giving and receiving:
“You share your faith with the people and the people will share their faith with you; you care for people and the people will care for you; and you love the people and they will love you.”
The world would be poorer without religious missionaries and this is what we are invited to celebrate during this year of consecrated life. In joyfully thanking God for our religious missionary vocation we want to thank all of you for your committed missionary services often done with great humility.
The child at the center of Christmas is a special invitation to do still more for those most vulnerable in our missions. The God of love and hope can be found among his people.
We wish all of you a meaningful Christmas and the experience of God’s presence throughout the coming year,
Heinz Kulu?ke and Leadership Team

Henze 5