New opportunities of hope, opened to the Foundation “Niños en la Huella”

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The Foundation “Niños en la Huella” opens a new service with support from the Ministry of Social Development, aimed at serving the most vulnerable in our society. On July 7th the first residence was opened for the homeless living on the street. This new Center is a concrete example of how the Foundation “Niños en la Huella” responds generously to the signs of the times and extending a helping hand to those who really need it.

The residence is equipped to accommodate 30 people. There are already 23 inmates to this date who are beneficiaries of this endeavor with a worthy place to sleep, food, bathing facilities and career support. The residence is intended for accommodating temporally the street people who are motivated to participate in a process of overcoming their situation, who are willing to participate actively in the maintenance of the house along with the technical team in charge.

It is estimated that in the region of “Tarapaca”, a population of about 750 people live on the street. We hope that this new initiative would respond to this social problem affecting many in our country. We thank Brother Paul Oden, SVD, founder of “Niños en la Huella” and its entire team of volunteers and technicians who contribute greatly this wonderful work.

Fr. José Joaquín Rodríguez del Real, SVD

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