A Retreat on interiority at Dueñas Spititual house in Spain

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A workshop on interiority took place at Dueñas SVD spiritual house in Spain from 16th to 19th July 2015. It was organized by fathers Martín Martinez de Moretín and Arulandu Jeeva, both from Divine Word Missionaries in Spain.

Fr. Jeeva explained what the workshop intended to achieve: "We address spiritual topics about renewing of life and faith. It is about making a conscious journey from the brain to the heart. We discover our own-selves and our history.”

All this process was aimed at being able to cure the open wounds that every person carries, starting from the act forgiveness.
We start with topics about how to know ourselves or how to face solitude. The workshop is aimed at being a source of inspiration to the participants so as to arrive at the fullness of personal life.
For this reason, we use different dynamics whereby, basing on biblical text on faith, we come to share and debate in groups so that we can arrive at conclusions useful for the participants.
All this is done without forgetting the moments of silence and meditation, which are indispensable in this kind of sessions due to the challenging elements that one has to encounter. For this reason, it is contemplated during the program, the practice of yoga, meditation, guided prayer, and silence in addition to the activities in common.
It is an activity that has enabled an experience of incarnation now for the second time in this workshop. He explained that the most interesting thing for him was the focus on psychospirituality that was being offered to the participants in the workshop. These elements are necessary to "disconnect from day to day activities and focus ourselves more on our own-selves and know other people.”
The same experience of active listening to oneself and discovering oneself occurred to Mariam, one of the participants from India. She has participated in three workshops of which she underlines three themes: The first meeting was about life, the second was about how to relate with one another and this last one was about solitude that we all need in life.
A life that, according to Mariam, we have constructed upon consumerism and whereby we need to differentiate between what is necessary from what is superfluous and in this way live life in fullness and dignity.

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