«We are all Nazarenes»: International Conference about religious freedom in Madrid

News of Interest

The jihadist network that was detained by the police on last Wednesday in Barcelona, which called itself «Islamic Fraternity for preaching the jihad», had among its plans to film the execution of a Spanish citizen in a similar way to the Caliphate of Syria and Iraq: beheaded with an orange overalls. It is a quantum leap in the radicalization and aims of those networks that work in Spain.

A report of the intelligence services reveals that among the one hundred of Islamic centers that there are in Spain linked to the Salafism, half of them are in Catalonia. It is alarming: the Salafism, one of the most fundamentalist flows of the Islam, condemns the Western influence and refuses the democratic values of our societies.

Sources of the UN warn about the tragic end that could have had the 200 kidnapped girls a year ago in the school of Chibok. The pressure that the African troops were doing in the territories controlled by Boko Haram have caused the escape of the jihadists, who could have killed the women and girls in its possession to avoid them to marry again with “infidels”. By now this information published by ACNUR neither has been confirmed, nor denied.

Those and some others subjects will be addressed in Madrid, during the days April the 17th, 18th and 19th, on the occasion of the International Congress We are all Nazarenes #WeAreN2015, an exciting meeting place with the victims of the jihadist cruelty.


Here is the program:

12h – 12h 30 Openning
Mr. Ignacio Arsuaga, President of HazteOir.org.
Excellency Lady Mrs. Soledad Becerril: ombudsperson.
Excellency Lady Mrs. Ana Botella: Mayor of Madrid.

13h – 13h 45 (interview) Kayla and Hauwa
Kayla Mueller’s parents (USA) and the young girl kidnapped by Boko Haram (Nigeria)

16h – 16h 45 (Conference) The extinction of the Christianity in Near East
His Beatitude Ignatius Jopseh III Younan: Patriarch of Antioch (Syria) and Bishop of Beirut.

17h – 17h 45 (Conference) Orthodox Copts: Canonized martyrs.
Monsignor Angaelos: General Bishop of the Copt Orthodox Church.


9h 15 – 10 (Panel discussion) – To evangelize in Muslim countries
Monsignor Bashar Matti Warda (Iraq) + Reverend Michael (pseudonym, Evangelical Pastor, Egypt) + Father Luis Montes (Iraq) + Monsignor Bagobiri (Nigeria)

10h 10 – 10h 30 (Talk) Young Christians in Syria
Mireille Al Farah (Syria)

10:40 – 11:30 (Conference) – Persecution in Syria and Iraq
Monsignor Yousif Thomas Mirkis, Assistant Bishop of the Patriarchy of Babylon of the Chaldeans and Arch-bishop of Kirkuk (Iraq).

12h 05 – 12h 35 (Conference) – Asia Bibi: current state and perspectives
Eisam Ashiq and Ashiq Masih (Pakistan)

12h 40 – 13h 30 (Conference) – Evangelic Christians in jihadist areas
Reverend Edward (Syria): President of the Evangelic Christian Alliance in Syria and Lebanon.

13h 35 – 14h 00 (Interview) – The martyrdom of the Muslim converted to Christian.
Joseph Fadelle (Iraq)

15h – 15h 25 (Talk) – To be a priest in Iraq
Father Luis Montes (Iraq), Martin Matti Butrus (seminarian, Iraq)

15h 30 – 16h 15 (Conference) – Boko Haram and the persecution of the Christians in Nigeria - Monsignor Oliver Dashe Doeme (Nigeria)

16h 30 – 17h 15 (Interview) – The girls kidnapped by Boko Haram
Victoria Yohanna (Nigeria) + Monica Paul (Nigeria)

17h 20 – 18h 30 (Panel discussion) – How to help from the West
Ignacio Arsuaga, Theresa Okafor (Nigeria), Francisco J. Contreras, Ted Blake, Luca Volonté (Italy)

18h 40 – 19h 00 (Closing) – Read of the Statement of Madrid
2.5 million citizens moved against the religious genocide


12h 00 – Mass in the Basilica of la Merced
His Beatitude Ignatius Joseph III Younan Patriarch of Antioch

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