The parishes of Sacred Heart, Andheri, St. Theresa of Lisieux, Bandra and St Teresa of Calcutta, Mysore had a unique way of celebration the Mission Sunday. Prior to the Mission Sunday, the whole weed was celebrated as ‘Mission Week’ dedicated to the SVD Missionaries and Missions in Orissa.

Ambassa: October 5, 2016, Oishobani Registered Society Ambassa, in collaboration with Ambassa Parish organized an outreach programme at Udaising village, under Ganganagar Block. From Agartala Missionary of Charity Sisters collected clothes from rich people from Agartala the capital city of Tripura and rice to distribute to these selected families.

Mapuche (Che = People; Mapu = of the land) is the largest ethnic group in Chile, constituting approximately 10% of its total population. Around half of the Mapuche population lives in the South of Chile, the Andes and alongside the Bi?o Bi?o river. The other half is found in and around the capital, Santiago. Until this day the situation of the Mapuches in Chile is still vulnerable.

The teachers at the Roque González Institute, Posadas use their professional skills to share the Gospel in concrete ways. They start from the fundamental premise that education is not just knowledge, but involves how to be a responsible person in the world. Throughout their secondary education, students participate along with teachers from their corresponding classes in conferences organized by a spiritual adviser and a secretary.

The association of the "Friends of the SVD" has another reason to thank God. Two weeks after celebrating its tenth anniversary, a new group committed partnership to the association. This group involves sixteen parishioners of the Parish Saint Joseph the Artisan, of Sonahoulou, north of Benin. On April 23, 2016, training took place wherein the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the association were also addressed.

The topic of Germany as a missionary task and opportunity united around fifty students and teachers at St. Augustine’s theological faculty in a heated reflection and exchange during a three day workshop. The Faculty organized these “study days” to include three lectures in the mornings and workshops during the afternoons, as their contribution to the “year of religious life”. Therefore, the title “Missionstand Deutschland – (Von) Den Orden aufgegeben” dealt with the dual perspective of Germany as a mission territory and opportunity.

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, Roe, a small and remote village in West Flores, was privileged to host an international celebration commemorating 50 years of quality presence of 20 Polish SVD Missionaries’ in Indonesia. The celebration was divided into two sections: A Mass of Thanksgiving and agape (getting together) with all the attendants. Those in attendance were: Fr. Andrzej Danilewicz, SVD (Polish Mission Secretary), Fr. Arlindo Pereira Dias, SVD and Bro. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD (General visitors for IDE), Fr. Tadeusz Gruca, Fr. Czeslaw Osiecki, Fr. Stanislaw Pikor and Fr. Stefan Wrosz (representatives of the 20 missionaries); Fr. Syrilus Lena (the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Ende); Poland Vice Ambassador and his wife; representatives of NTT Governor and Nagekeo Regency. There were also a good number of SVD priests, SVD brothers, religious sisters, and many lay faithful of Roe station.

The 50 years of presence of these 20 Polish SVD Missionaries was celebrated in a special way because of the unique political situation they faced in the past. At that time, Poland was under the domination of Russia and was well known as a Communist country. The Communist government didn’t allow missionaries to go abroad. At the beginning of September in 1964, Fr. Yosef Diaz Viera, an Indonesian SVD priest arrived in Poland wanting to get some Polish SVD Missionaries for Indonesia.

It was the right time because Indonesia’s Ambassador for Poland and his secretary were both Catholics. Fr. Diaz also went to Pieniezno to meet Fr. Koziel, the Provincial, in order to request for 20 missionaries as volunteers for Indonesia. At the time, there was an annual retreat in progress; so many young confreres were present for the retreat. Within a few minutes after his request was made, a list of 20 missionaries was completed. With this list, Diaz, then went back to Warsawa asking the Indonesian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the Head of Department of Employees of Poland. The staff of the department was surprised when Fr. Diaz asked permission for 20 polish priests to be sent to Indonesia as volunteers. He stated, “We can give you engineers, doctors but where would the government take these priests from?” Fr. Diaz answered, I already have the list of the volunteers, and therefore you do not have to look for them. We only require the permission from the high authority. By the help and great effort of Fr. Diaz, the permission was granted in April 1965. By June 1965 all official arrangements were completed and on August 27, 1965, the group of the 20 missionaries arrived in Jakarta.

Fr. Leo Kleden, the SVD Provincial of IDE in his homily at Golden Jubilee, reiterated that this particular celebration is important because by the sending of the first 20 SVD missionaries from Poland to Indonesia, the possibility was made for all other congregations in Poland to send their own members as missionaries abroad. It was then a kind of a new exodus in mission sending. Leo, then thanked the governments of Poland and Indonesia and the local Church in Indonesia for the good cooperation. The event has widened the horizons of the Polish people and enabled some degree of openness of mind and heart with the perception that the Catholic Church is for all people from all generations and nations. They are now at home with the fact that the Polish Catholic Church is part of the universal Catholic Church. This aspect was captured vividly in Fr. Danilewicz’s speech.

Fr. Stanis Pikor, on behalf of 20 pioneer Polish Missionaries, thanked the Government of Poland for allowing them to go abroad and he thanked the Government of Indonesia for allowing them to live and work as Missionaries in Indonesia. He then ended his speech by saying: “If you ask us whether we would like to go back to Poland? Our answer will certainly be ‘NO WAY’. This is because we love Indonesia as much as we love our homeland.

(Translator from Indonesian: Gabriel Wangak, svd)

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From the 20th 22nd of March 2015, it was organized in the Mission House and Seminary of the Divine Word Missionaries  in Pieniezno the annual meeting for the Friends of Mission.

As a specific combination of POL priorities I would like to describe one of the events organized by our Fu Shenfu Migrant Centre in Warszawa. We help people there in various ways, including free classes of the Polish language.

The Mission Office of the Vietnam Province had initiated the project of investing a cow and a sheep for the poor families in the past two years and it has been a great success. This is how the project operates:

On December 16, Thursday evening, Super Typhoon Rai, with winds of about 195km per hour, hit the southeastern islands, bringing havoc and destruction. Rescue teams have described scenes of "complete carnage." Fr. Heinz Kulüke commenting on the typhoon, says, "In my 35 years in the Philippines, I have never experienced a typhoon of this magnitude and such devastation in Cebu. The following is Fr. Kulüke's assessment of the situation two days after the typhoon's landfall.

On July 16, 2021: Brother Roland Scheid, SVD, Rector of St. Michael Mission House, informs Father Superior General Paulus Budi Kleden about the situation of the rising Maas River and the situation of the three communities: The Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS), The Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSpSAp) and the Divine Word Missionaries SVD). According to the rector, the water level of the Maas River is rising and is expected to reach the highest level this midnight. However, it has not caused damage, human and material losses so far.

Our SVD Lay Partners, called as FRIENDS OF SVD, here in Kenya took initiatives to help the vulnerable and needy people in their neighbourhood during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. They contributed money from their little savings to buy different food items like maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, sanitizers, soap and masks to donate to the poor and needy families to show solidarity with them.

Dear Confreres: More than 100 countries are reported to have people infected with COVID-19, and many have died due to this virus. China is very much affected due to this virus. However, Italy draws much attention with a more than 460 deaths, and more than 9,100 people infected with this virus according to the information on 10th March. Every day, there is a notable increase of deaths and infected people.

Dear Confreres and friends, Greetings in the Divine Word! Surely, most of you, if not all, have read about, heard or seen in the news, the events surrounding the Taal Volcano in the Philippines. You may also be aware that the Arnoldian Family (SSpSAP, SSpS and SVD) have a few communities in close proximity to this volcano. Our own Divine Word Seminary (DWS) in Tagaytay and our Postulancy are among these communities. Naturally, this was already a source of concern for all of us.

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