Frt. James Jimson is doing his OTP experience in Köröm, Hungary. He arrived in Hungary on October 8, 2019. He describes his Overseas Training Program as meaningful and enriching. Here is his story.

The jubilee year in a congregation is a time of restoration and opening a new story of God's love for its members and people. It is an excellent time to celebrate the wonders the Lord has already done in the history of a congregation. It is a time of forgiveness, renewal of bonds of friendship and fraternity. It is a new covenant between members of the congregation and the people of a community.

St. Arnold once said that our publications should be appealing mouth for the salvation of souls so that those who read our publications would find pearls toward eternal life. While publication has been constantly part and parcel of our mission outreach, the means are constantly developing, which requires us to continuously updating our mission animation tools.

The SVD Lay Partners, INM (Disciples of the Divine Word - DDW) celebrated the Passover Seder on Saturday, 30th March, 2019 at Atma-Darshan, Mumbai.

Our Sendi Mission dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus was started by Holy Spirit Fathers in the year 1921 and handed over to SVDs in the year 2009. Since then our confreres are doing a wonderful mission work in the area covering the Municipality of Quipungo. This mission has 16 village chapels, boys and girls hostels, a school up to 9th class, a dispensary and animal farm of cows, poultry, piggery and goats.

Ambassa, February 24, 2019: Holy Spirit Ambassa Parish Pastoral Council decided to celebrate the Childhood Day through Medical camps and Distributing cloths to the poor children in the villages.

If Mary of Magdala were to return today, what would she say? Would we accept our missionary discipleship with the promptness and love that she showed her beloved Master? Who was Mary Magdalene really? We attempted to answer these and other questions during the XI Missionary Meeting held in Dueñas (Palencia-Spain) from 12th to 14th October, 2018. To this end, 120 people - lay and religious - from Palencia, Ponferrada, Valladolid, Zamora, Navarra, Alcorcón, Móstoles, Madrid, Mérida and Cádiz gathered together.

A workshop on ‘Mission Animation’ for the Divine Word Missionaries involved in Mission/Pastoral ministries was held at Shanti Bhavan, Jharsuguda on 18-19 July 2018. Fr. Ronald Pereira, SVD Provincial Superior and Fr.Petrus Kullu, SVD Vice Provincial inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp and welcoming the participants.

Migrant and Refugee Sunday was celebrated by the Marsfield Community on Sunday, 19th August which centred around the theme of ‘Multiculturalism’. The day began with Mass at 9am, the main celebrant was Fr. Francis Gerry, concelebrating with him were six of our confreres. The celebration was all about uniqueness and diversity, our unique gifts, talents and bringing together of cultures which was evident in the cultural programme that followed the Mass.

I am Son Vu, also known as ‘Joseph’, a Divine Word Missionary (SVD) seminarian from Vietnam. I have been in Papua New Guinea for two years: six months for studying English at Divine Word University and Tok Pidgin in Kunjigini and almost one and a half years for my pastoral experience. I am very grateful for this meaningful mission experience in Simbu Province, Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

This year’s Annual Missionary Encounter of the province was focused on the theme: Poverty, as emphasised by Pope Francis in his message ahead of the firs World day of the poor to be celebrated on 19th November 2017. The two-day encounter marks the tenth of its kind since its commencement and it is aimed at fostering a Christian missionary commitment and collaboration between the SVD, the SSpS, and our Lay Missionaries (LVD) in the Province.

“Your life, is our life, your mission is our mission”

On August 18, 2017, a formative meeting was organized for lay missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Río Azul in the state of Paraná in Brazil. The theme of the gathering was: the spirituality of the Divine Word Missionaries and the four characteristics dimensions of the Congregation (Mission, Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation, Bible and Communications).

The Lay Society of St. Arnold Janssen (LSSAJ) in the Philippines organized a two-day seminar on Training Facilitators for Spiritual Transformation of Drug Dependents, held in Catholic Trade Manila on the second week of June 2017. This was jointly organized and conducted by the JPIC Coordinator Fr. Flavie Villanueva SVD, LSSAJ, and the Archdiocese of Manila. Seventy participants attended, of which, twenty came from LSSAJ group. After the seminar, the participants were sent on mission to parishes in Metro Manila where there are some drug dependents.

The seminar employed the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous which is a proven tool to help in the recovery of drug dependents. We also shared the biblical foundation of these twelve steps that are linked to their Catholic beliefs. Special focus was given to Healing and Restoration of Dignity of a human being and the Image of God. It was also necessary to render to the participants a contextualized and the importance of the practice of Prayer and the Sacraments.

When the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) assumed their mission in Liberia, the Bishop specifically asked our confreres to be involved in the educational field. Our confrere Fr. Joseph Addai, bringing in his long experience in education, was assigned to oversee the Education and School Apostolate in this new mission.

In our parish "Exaltation of the Holy cross" in Tambov, we can say that there are two groups of parishioners: Russian and foreign students, majority of whom are from Africa. Among the pastoral activities of the parish as recommended by the Diocese we try to create a special apostolate with these students so that they may feel integrated into the parish community.

Brother Andrès, a Divine Word missionary talks to us about his work with the less-fortunate children in Bolivia.

P. What is CINCA and how was it founded?

R.- CINCA: Centro Integral de Niños de la Calle (Integral Centre for Street Children), is a non-profit making organization that was founded in 1992 after realizing the lack of schooling among the boys and girls of El Alto, in La Paz-Bolivia, without access to neither public nor private education due to lack of resources and social exclusion. “It is part of the social works carried on by the Congregation of the Divine Word Missionaries” (Article 1 of the Statutes). It enjoyed both juridical legal capacity (Nº 0201) and ecclesiastical legal capacity (Res. 0201), as far as the Bolivian legislation was allowing to have both. The new Bolivian Law allows only one legal capacity and so CINCA has only the Ecclesiastical one.

The mission animation Bolivia region made up of a team of neo missionaries, two juniors in OTP (Overseas Training Program) and the Sisters servants of the Holy Spirit, have conducted the MISSIONARY WEEK at the Immaculate Conception parish of Laja and Tambillo. We were in Laja for one week. The missionary week was a missionary activity that carried the message of the Pope on mission Sunday; THE MISSIONARY CHURCH; WITNESS TO MERCY. According to Pope Francis, our Church is not a Church in waiting, but rather a Church that goes out to the meet the people. In this spirit, the Bolivia SVD region organized a concrete activity of going to meet the people. The missionary week team arrived in Laja on 10th October 2016.

The World Mission Sunday this year was aptly celebrated in the Collegio del Verbo Divino, thanks to the program laid out by Mission Secretary Stanislaus Lazar in collaboration with the Rector of Collegio del Verbo Divino, Nicolas Espinosa and his Leadership Team, local chaplains of different migrant communities, and confreres.

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