“¡Primeramente Dios!” (God above all!) This unmistakably Mexican and Guatemalan expression gives you goose bumps when you hear it said by a temporary farm worker in French speaking Canada. It sounds like both a sigh of faith and a stinging plea for deliverance.

The Catholic community have been in existence, in the region of Chita, from the early nineteenth century. This community was predominantly Polish by origin and the members of this community worked in the Nerchinsk mining plants since 1939. In 1859, after the departure of the exiles from the Nerchinsk Factory, there were only seven Catholics in this area, so the priest suggested that, "it would be useful to build a Catholic Church in one of the cities where there are most Catholics". In Chita, Kyahte or Verkhneudinsk there were about eighty Catholics. In 1861 the decision was made to build a Catholic Church in the city of Chita. By mid-1878 the Church was finally built, and on September 10, 1878, it was consecrated under the patronage of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

One of the major Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) activities in Zambia Mission is about Integrity of Creation. Apart from tree plantation project, Zambia Mission implements “energy saving” project. In Zambia, it is normal that people cut trees, burn it to make charcoal, put them into sacks and bring them to market to sell.

Ramsagar is a remote rural village in Doultabad Mandal of Siddipet district in Telangana State. In such a remote rural place a free medical camp was organized by JPIC-INH in collaboration with DWSSS (“Divine Word Social Service Society”) for the benefit of the poor and the old, new born and the grown up, women and the disabled who were unable to reach the hospital for their own health problems due to lack of transport facilities and unaffordability.


Photojournalist Osman took this photo: Syrian child, thought he has a weapon not a camera so she Gave up.

By Fr. Heinz Kulüke and the Leadership Team

Jesus was born during a trip with his parents to the city of Bethlehem to register for a census ordered by the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus. As a stranger, there was no place for him to be hosted. After his birth, he needed to take refuge in Egypt since Herod wanted to kill him. Because of these circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, we often think about migrants and refugees during the Christmas season.

Identity Cards were issued to 250 Rag Pickers who are associated with Jan Vikas Society on 12th December 2016 by Honourable Mayor Ms. Malini Gaur, Indore Nagar Nigam in the presence of Commissioner, other officials from Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), NGOs and Rag Pickers from different slums at Regional Park, Pipliyapala, Indore. The Identity Card is co-signed by Chief Medical Officer and Director of Janvikas Society.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see” said John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States. Sarva Seva Sangh, Mumbai held BAL UTSAV on 10th November 2016 in Lotus Park, Gyan Ashram Campus, Andheri to cheer the children and to showcase their talents.

Neighborhood Children’s Parliament aims at the integral growth of children and their participation in the development of the society. Sarva Seva Sangh, Mumbai started Children’s Parliament in four slum communities last year.

Three years ago, the typhoon Haiyan, known as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines and caused millones of death. How is the situation today?

Hace tres años, el tifón Haiyan, conocido en Filipinas como tifón Yolanda, devastó al Sudeste Asiático, principalmente en las Filipinas y causó la muerte de miles de personas. ¿Cuál es la situación hoy?

The Arnoldians’ Meet 2016, the gathering of the Divine Word Missionaries, was held at Divine Word Seminary, Pune from 18th to 20th of April 2016 organised by the province Justice and Peace and Integration of Creation committee. The meeting was inaugurated by Fr. Paul Vattathara, Provincial Superior. The theme of the Arnoldians’ Meet was ‘Celebrating Plurality’, in which, thirty four children from three schools and three social centres/missions in INM (India Mumbai) province participated along with teachers/staff.

June 20th is World Refugee Day, we think of those who have been uprooted from their homes and villages at an unprecedented scale, leaving some 60 million people displaced worldwide. This very sad situation invites to act. As a religious Congregation, we have in various countries structures that receive and attend to some of those, our brothers and sister’s refugees. One of the structure is in Austria, where we presenting the history which follows.

A Jakarta based NGO of Legal Institute Aid (LBH Jakarta) reported that 1.783 West Papuans were unlawfully arrested from 25 April to 2 May 2016. On 2 May 2016, thousands of West Papuans conducted peaceful demonstrations simultaneously in Jayapura, Sorong, Merauke, Wamena, Semarang, Makassar and Manokwari.

The reforestation in Quingeo parish was initiated in 1998. Quingeo is one of the parishes whereby majority of the land is eroded, due to bad use of the soil, felling of trees, frequent fires, the disappearance of shrub-oaks due to the extension of agriculture and over-herding, abandonment of the fields due to immigration, etc. and above all the lack of orientation and consciousness of the population about respect and living in harmony with nature. Today the communities in the parish have a big percentage of eroded land that is useless for agriculture.

 "We must break the stories of slavery in order to inspire a process of resilience -the capacity to overcome negative conditions with love."

On 22nd February 2001, two of us from Divine Word Missionaries went to Mother Theresa of Calcutta home to share our lives and mission. Mother Theresa of Calcutta homes were founded in 1988 by an SVD bishop, Jorge Novak, in Quilmes, South of the great Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The National March for Life was held in Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America on Thursday and Friday, 21-22 January 2016. It gathered people from everywhere in USA with an average of 75% of youth, most of whom were college and high school students.

Republic Day of our country was celebrated by Janvikas Society with Rag Pickers on 26th Janurary 2016. Six hundred Rag Pickers, some working at dumping ground and others from the neighboring slums gathered at Devguradia for the flag hoisting. Mr. Jhaganlal Ajnar (85) a waste picker himself was the chief guest of the program and hoisted the national flag. He has been working in the dumping ground for past 25 years.

About 150 mission scholars, practitioners and interested people gathered in Melbourne last October for the International Mission Symposium – an event aimed at celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s decree on Mission, Ad Gentes.

SVD commitment
Pope Francis calls Christians to take action for mother earth. “If the simple fact of being human moves people to care for the environment of which they are a part, Christians in their turn “realize that their responsibility within creation, and their duty towards nature and the Creator, are an essential part of their faith”. (LS 64)

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