Frt. James Jimson is doing his OTP experience in Köröm, Hungary. He arrived in Hungary on October 8, 2019. He describes his Overseas Training Program as meaningful and enriching. Here is his story.

St. Arnold once said that our publications should be appealing mouth for the salvation of souls so that those who read our publications would find pearls toward eternal life. While publication has been constantly part and parcel of our mission outreach, the means are constantly developing, which requires us to continuously updating our mission animation tools.

The jubilee year in a congregation is a time of restoration and opening a new story of God's love for its members and people. It is an excellent time to celebrate the wonders the Lord has already done in the history of a congregation. It is a time of forgiveness, renewal of bonds of friendship and fraternity. It is a new covenant between members of the congregation and the people of a community.

The SVD Lay Partners, INM (Disciples of the Divine Word - DDW) celebrated the Passover Seder on Saturday, 30th March, 2019 at Atma-Darshan, Mumbai.

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