Missionary childhood day


Ambassa, February 24, 2019: Holy Spirit Ambassa Parish Pastoral Council decided to celebrate the Childhood Day through Medical camps and Distributing cloths to the poor children in the villages.

Hence on February 17th & 24th the parish team along with a doctor and nurses organized two camps in Shikari Bari and Bodo Bari. Shikari Bari is situated around 15 kilometres from Dhalai District headquarters and it is dominated by Noatia tribal community. This community is easily reachable from the National Highway, yet the poverty and illiteracy is dominantly noticed. We could attend 86 patients with different diseases. There were cases of Malaria P.F, which we referred to the District Hospital for the treatment. Malnourished children and mothers, tuberculosis patients are the misery of the village. People walk almost for two kilometres to fetch water for domestic use. The government administered primary school hardly functions.

On 24th the parish team organised a camp in Bodo Bari. It is a Molsom dominated tribe and the village is around 6 kilometres away from the District headquarters. We could attend more than 100 patients, mostly children and women. Though the village is not far away from the District Offices, yet the development has not taken place. There are poor roads, lack of communication facilities, no water supply, no electricity etc. As the election is coming closer, politicians will be reaching out to all the houses presenting their manifesto and promising development. As usual after the elections the people will be forgotten for another 5 years. Thanks to the Parish Council members for their right decision and commitment.

Ivan D’Silva, svd

missionary childhood