Bricks made of charcoal: Ecological initiative in Zambia

Justice & Peace

One of the major Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) activities in Zambia Mission is about Integrity of Creation. Apart from tree plantation project, Zambia Mission implements “energy saving” project. In Zambia, it is normal that people cut trees, burn it to make charcoal, put them into sacks and bring them to market to sell.

What normally happens is that when they sell charcoal, there will be heaps of small charcoal pieces and dusts which remain on market. Zambia Mission host workshop on integrity of creation for parishioners and neighbours. Participants collect remaining charcoal dusts and pieces, pound them and mix them with cassava flour, press the mixture in a machine and produce small brick size blocks of hard charcoal like stuff for domestic use. Instead of people going in the bush to cut more trees, communities are encouraged to make such alternative resource to preserve and to protect the environment.

by: Fr. Lawrence Likulano, SVD
JPIC Coordinator, Zambia Mission

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