The Divine word Missionaries are involved in Relief activities in Mozambique

Justice & Peace

The parish community of São Francisco Xavier, Ndunda formed a volunteer team called “Activist of Charity” with twelve volunteers from 6 different communities. The team reviewed and assessed the needs in the communities to identify destitute people such as widows, abandoned, sick, and elders who have no one to help them.

The team prepared the relief bags for distribution. Thanks to the Beira diocese and some religious congregations who donated relief materials to the team. Each packet is composed of 25Kg of rice, 2l of oil, 2Kg of sugar, 1 bar of soap and 2 Kg of dried beans. On April 2, the bags were distributed to 90 families in different communities. On April 3, another 90 families got the same relief bags.

More people need help, but the materials are limited in the market in Beira. The team will continue to reach out to the people in the coming weeks. May God continue to accompany the people and bless the work of the team.

By: Divine Word Missionaries in Mozambique

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