Justice & Peace

Ambassa (Tripura), 27 June, 2021: Holy Spirit Catholic Church in collaboration with ‘Oisho Bani Society’ a NGO, planted 500 saplings in 8 villages in Ambassa Sub-Division.

This is a story of fr. Jacek Gniadek  SVD and Liu, a Chinese migrant, during the coronavirus lockdown in Poland. I translated this story from Polish to English. Originally he wrote it for our Polish SVD magazine “Komunikaty”.  Touching, unbelievable and a true story that happened recently.

COVID -19 has shaken the whole world miserably with great pain and sorrow by creating massive disaster. Today the entire universe is entangled under the powerful grip of the corona virus and India is not an exception to this awful situation. At this juncture, our country is also tremendously experiencing the most dreadful storm of this corona crisis and fighting hard to come out of this most strenuous and stressful situation. In the process the social distancing was introduced to prevent the corona infection and the so called ‘lock down’ was imposed on the people severely which has created immense damage and a huge disaster in the lives of the common people especially on the migrants, domestic labourers, rag pickers, daily wagers and the ongoing construction workers.