Nowrot Piotr, a musician and an organist, entered the Society of the Divine Word in 1974 after completing his studies in theology and sociology at the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland. His passion for music started when he was a child. He sang as a contralto and as a tenor in a children’s choir in Poznan when he was eight until he was nineteen.

He observed that music is closely related to religion, for the fact that Jesus, the apostles and even the Virgin Mary along with the church have been singing throughout the generations. At the moment, he claims that this discipline is “one of the methods for the new evangelisation.” The life of Nowrot Piotr is pure art in a family that has great affection for culture and the arts.

The image of an iceberg is often used to illustrate how much of cultures, contexts, and life situations are below the surface—that is, about 90%. Sincere attempts to acknowledge, understand, appreciate and bridge the differences among nationalities, ethnicities, “races”, generations, genders, personalities, and economic/social classes requires looking under the “water level.” That area can seem to be unclear, overly complex, and even contradictory at first, whether we are looking at our own “world,” but especially when plunging into the depths of the “world” of the “other.” And yet as Catholics and as missionaries, we believe that God’s grace and life can be discovered “in the depths” of those “worlds” of meaning, order and identity.

"I'm back after a journey of many surprises and tiredness. I went with a catechist to a place where we do not have communities but we were there to see the chances to start one.