Stree Shakti Maha Shakti

Best Practices

By: Mathew Korattiyil, SVD.

Nearly 150 people, mostly women, from various slums of Mumbai suburbs gathered in the hall around 2.30 pm and the programme commenced at three O’ clock in the afternoon. The Kinder Garden teachers presented songs and dances evoking the power of women and describing various forms of violence against women by the society. Some women came forward to speak on the topic as well as to share about their life achievements. The crux of the program was the chief guest‘s address. Adv. Aileen Marques (chief guest) had an interactive session with the people, who spoke at length on gender discrimination using video clips, where she urged the women to liberate themselves using the power that is with them. At the end of the celebration, each one went back carrying a small gift.shata 2

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