This year we are celebrating the Foundation Day of our Society in a unique and unusual way. The crisis caused by Covid-19 does not stop us from celebrating this day that is very dear to us. More than ever, we have all the reasons to thank God, who has been closely accompanying our Congregation, also during this crisis.

Our Society was born out of a crisis that confronted the Church in Germany prompted by a pervading political situation in that country. This situation of crisis offered an opportunity for creativity, for bringing out something new. Saint Arnold responded to those who were questioning his initiative to start a missionary congregation, saying, "We live in a time when much is collapsing, and new things must be established in their places." Trust in the Lord was Saint Arnold's habitual response to crises.

Nemi (Rome), June 22, 2014: The workshop for the new Provincials of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) began today with the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Heinz Kuluke, the Superior General and concelebrated by the four Zonal Coordinators.